Teens missing

A 14-year-old girl and a 16-year-old male are missing from the Ebarb-Zwolle area in Sabine Parish, according to the Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office at presstime Monday, Oct. 7. The teens are believed to be together, detectives said. Reggie and Kim Ezernack of Zwolle, the parents of the missing girl, reported their daughter missing Sunday, Oct. 6. Kianna was last seen in black shorts and a hot pink shirt. She was described as weighing approximately 145 pounds , stood 5-3 and has long, brown hair. The young man she is believed to be in the company of is DeKendrick Lynch. An Amber Alert and Circle Dialing in the Ebarb, Zwolle and Noble area have been utilized to alert the public. If anyone has information regarding the missing teens, they are asked to notify the Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office at 256-9241.


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