Here it is the middle of June and I am still wondering what happened to part of March and all of April and May.

Lockdown!! Only going out for groceries. Limited contact with friends and loved ones. No movies, restaurants, church, social gatherings, ballgames, or even, school. A virus shut down America….and we are still suffering the consequences.

I became much like a hermit. I stayed inside as best I could and distanced myself. What I thought would be kind of nice with the extra rest and homelife, has made me nuts!! I missed my friends, my church family and became a couch potato! I think I have watched all 635 episodes of Gunsmoke, which was a popular western for 20 years (1955-75). I never watched it as a kid, so it was all new to me……and I quickly became a Matt Dillon fan.

(45 years too late!)







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