Speaking Out for Louisiana Citizens

The battle of the swamp is getting worse and worse. With the cornavirus dilemma it has strengthened the Democrats quest and determination to dethrone Trump from power. The Democrats main source of power at this time is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She is able to finagle and enhance her power through the issues of this virus. Congress’s absence makes it easier for her to do back room deals and she has taken advantage of this. She has consolidated the power of institution in her person the way she wants to do it with no one there to speak up. Mrs. Pelosi has made herself the sole voice of a negotiator for the House as it passes massive funding and regulatory bills. As Congress sits at home, they don’t hear about legislative compromises and break-throughs between the Chairman and ranking members. Once the Speaker feels that she has gained maximum concessions from the President she calls the House back to Washington to be quickly and quietly on the job to cast an up or down on the vote and not a lot of discussion. We’ve added millions on the tenacious debt and affected millions of American lives. This virus has given Mrs. Pelosi the greatest control over Congress probably in U.S. history. The House has been repeatedly told to stay home and the Speaker will let them know when to come up and cut the deal.

All you have to do is look at the condition of her District, which is San Francisco, and you can see what the Democrats will go to to keep power. She lives in a mansion. Outside on the sidewalks people live and some sleep there and use the toilet. They love her give-a-ways and stay dependent. The Democrats hate Trump because he calls their hand. This past week the San Francisco Chronicle, the city’s main newspaper, reported that officials are providing drugs and alcohol to addicts who are being put up in hotels during the pandemic. So here it is, with taxpayers picking up the living expenses of homeless people and funding their substance habits in the city by the bay. No boundaries, abuse over-taxes, hard working Americans picking up the tab for these derelicts. This is what she approves as far as she is concerned and she would let this nation drop to these levels in order to keep power.



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