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Spring has arrived with a large coat of pollen. However, I won’t complain because we’ve had beautiful days of sunshine.

Springtime in New Hampshire brings back fond memories. There were still patches of snow in our backyard, but the weather was perfect and we were ready for some baseball.

There were only a few kids on our dirt road that led to our country road. We’d gather around with our mitts and decide which pile of snow would be first, second and third bases.

Afternoon were spent playing balls, taking walks in the woods and playing hide and seek. We had plenty of places to hide… the pine grove, at the old chicken houses and in the grassy fields beyond. Some springtime days, I’d grab a book---more that likely a Nancy Drew book—and in an effort to hide from my little brother, I’d climb high in the already budding apple tree. I could sit for hours up there, trying not to laugh as he searched and searched for me!



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