Weyerhaeuser invests in Sabine’s future

Ja’Darius Williams, seated at right, has signed an agreement with Weyerhaeuser wherein the mill will support him through school and he will return to Zwolle in order to operate their most modern equipment. He is pictured with Weyerhaeuser Mill Manager David West and his father, Donald. (Photo by The Sabine Index/Daniel Jones)

By Daniel Jones, editor

In an unprecedented move, Weyerhaeuser investing both in its business and Sabine Parish as a whole by entering into a partnership with Ja’Darius Williams, a 2018 Zwolle graduate.

Williams begins classes this fall at Oklahoma State University, where he will acquire a bachelor’s degree of technology in instrumentation engineering.

The agreement will provide funding for school and a paid internship at the mill, where he will work during summer break.  Upon graduation, Williams has a guaranteed job at the Zwolle Weyerhaeuser site, where he will operate their newest, state of the art equipment and implement numerous upgrades to the facility. 

Being a huge sports fan, the day was made special for Ja’Darius as it was set up much like a formal signing ceremony befitting a student-athlete committing to a school.  However, it was pointed out that he will have a much longer career than most athletes.  According to one statistic said at the event, student athletes don’t know where they’re going in three or four years, and most professional athletes won’t attain a long career.  An education in an industrial technology is much more beneficial in the long run.

Williams has been a standout not only academically, but in many other aspects of life as well.  He is an avid 4-H supporter, and has travelled all over the country for various workshops, camps, and meetings.

Outside of school he is an avid basketball and sports fan, currently enamored with the WNBA finals and the upcoming NBA and Zwolle Hawks season.  He is also a dedicated churchgoer, with faith and service running deep in his family. 

Congrats, Ja’Darius and thank you to Weyerhaeuser for supporting our parish.

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