Zwolle schools welcome resource officer


By Daniel Jones, editor

Zwolle Police Chief Daniel Thomas has added a resource officer to the schools that fall under his protection.

“Our children should be able to attend school on a daily basis to get an education and not be afraid,” Thomas said.  “The town council and I have decided it’s time to have a school resource officer both at the school, at extracurricular activities, and at sports. Threats and other behaviors against our kids and teachers will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly.”

Thomas is very adamant about the safety of children students, and as of press time the officer is already in place.

Being chosen as the officer is Randy Rivers, who will work Monday through Friday and at sporting events.

“Let us continue to pray to God that he will continue to keep our schools safe,” Thomas said.  “I am very appreciative to the town council for their full support in the matter.”

Questions and concerns can be addressed by Zwolle PD at 318-645-6141 or by calling Thomas directly at 318-315-0078.

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