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by Pete Abington 

It seems everywhere you turn these days they are trying to politicalize everything that’s happening. Very frequently we see this in our sporting events: football, basketball, whatever. What makes these people attack America the way they do and interrupt a pleasure which we all enjoy, generally, with their political philosophy. This was particularly true last year when Colin Kaepernick pulled his stunt and took a knee during the National Anthem. He hasn’t found a job yet and now other have gotten involved. Just recently ten to eleven professional athletes for the Cleveland Browns prepared a video to express their distaste for America and even asked the owner to join them and, I understand, he and his wife did. Fortunately, it didn’t make the airways much.

The owners need to take a stand to stop this from happening. They could, if they really wanted to. Just as Congress approved there are favorable tax laws for NFL football teams, they should certainly make a statement to stop it. What other young minds are out there to see the display of their hero complaining about America.

Look at Hollywood. Just because these people play an interesting role in films does not make them a political spokesman. Several of them promised to leave America if Trump won the election. Have you heard of any departures? These are left-wing radicals who appear like nuts for their hatred. What they do not realize is their audiences are dropping in movies and in sports. People are tired of hearing their political ideas. Let’s don’t let them fool us. Just do their job.


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