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By Pete Abington


Who will blink first? Will it be the legislators or the governor? Governor John Bel Edwards saw fit to notify some 37,000 elderly and disabled people that the state’s budget uncertainty would force an eviction notice from the nursing homes and other related care. The House and Senate Republican delegation is labeling this as scare tactics and premature. Critics of the governor’s plan allege that we do have the money to balance our budget if the governor just would issue those wasteful cuts.

It is unclear what kind of compromise can survive the Senate and appease the House and avoid a veto from Edwards, but this legislation has been gloom and doom and it could be the end of the regular 2018 session soon. It looks always certain to have six special sessions that will come after next week. Governor Edwards recently said that a “reasonable compromise” to reaching a $648 million in permanent revenue could include renewing half of the most recently created penny on the state sales tax, which expires at the end June, and removing the exemptions and exclusions from the other existing penny. The governor would likewise like to see the legislature remove the expiration date from the temporary reductions made recently to tax rebates and credit


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