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By donna smith ammons

Braeden, my seven-year-old grandson liked to wear his hair long. However, with hot weather approaching, he decided that a haircut was in order. He know looks like a little man. Cutest think I’ve ever seen. (Believe it or not, I really didn’t care for his long hair!) Little three-year-old sister,


Darby was not happy that Braeden was getting all of the attention with his “man haircut.” So, she literally took it into her own hands while at daycare. As the children were gathered around the table, cutting paper, Darby decided to snip away at her pretty blonde hair. It wasn’t until several layered snips had been made that the teachers discovered the disaster. Tension was a little high when Darby’s Mommy showed up to get her daughter. What could she do but lead her little girl out to the car, strap her in the car seat, and then read her the riot act all the way to Nanny’s for lunch!! “We never cut out own hair!” Why? “Because we don’t know how to properly cut it. Aunt Rae cuts your hair.”


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