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By Donna Smith Ammons

I never really learned to appreciate country music until I was an adult. Actually I was too busy listening to rock ‘n roll and screaming over the Beatles.

I guess you could say country music came into my life about the same time I began working at The Sabine Index.

My boss loved country music and it was not unusual to have one or two country singers wander into the Index, or leave messages for him with those of us who worked there.

I attended a few Rebel Park events and learned to appreciate country music. It didn’t hurt at all to see Stoney and Wilma Cooper come through the office door or meet the widow of the late, great Hank Williams. I can recall Mr. G traveling to Texas for Tex Ritter’s funeral……and I was thrilled that I got to hear Slim Williams and Claude King sing Wolverton Mountain sing at the park.

I even bought a record or two—one by the “Silver Fox” Charlie Rich, just because I liked one of his songs.

Soon, I was branching out…to Eddie Rabbit, Don Williams and others.


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