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by Donna Smith Ammons 

Saturday morning dawned a bit early for Grammie. We had a peaceful night at Gator RV and Water Park in Bunkie and our big day of fun had arrived. Darby began whimpering and tossing in bed about 6 a.m. I sneaked up to the front of the camper and she peeked at me. She shook her head “No” and hid her face in the pillow. I stood there and watched as she drifted back to sleep. (Hooray!! Another extra hour of sleep for everyone!!)The sun was shining and we all ate a wonderful breakfast prepared by PaPaw. Soon we were in our swimsuits and headed out to the water park. My main focus was the Lazy River. No water slides for this gal! Soon, we were all floating on inner tubes around and around the river. We were “just relaxing”, listened to 7os music and trying to avoid the waterfall and other attacks of cold water.


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