Trapped within Four Walls.

(Editor’s note: Michan Lacey is a junior communications major at Northwestern State University and a Zwolle native. As someone who has been diagnosed with anxiety and depression, she shared a story with her class that she calls a huge turning point in her life. Although darkness creeps in to all of our lives, she is a shining example of one who has fought and survived through it. She states that she chose to keep fighting so that she could help others and hopefully touch their hearts in such a way that should they ever find themselves in such a place, they can remember that it doesn’t last forever)

By Michan Lacey

I’m home alone, waiting for the rest of my family to return. The tv is on and I’m staring at it, but my mind is elsewhere. It has been ‘elsewhere’ for the past week now, ever since May 25. Ever since George Floyd.

There is so much going on.



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