Hubby-dear and I have been traveling a lot lately…either in my new car or in the motor home.

Many times, I take a book and read as we travel the highways and byways. Other times, I just look at the window looking at the scenery. A recent drive to north Arkansas to see our grandkids had me looking for foliage… and orange leaves to be exact. I was disappointed…I guess we were too early.

I did enjoy the Halloween decorations, though. I even had Hubby-dear stop and let me take a photo of a 12’ tall skeleton. Possibly a relative of Dean’s Elmer?

Sometimes, I doze off…if I am extremely tired. However, I don’t like to sleep when I should be helping drive…by talking or listening to the radio.

In recent months, I’ve decided I love to singalong with Sirius Radio. I leave my dial on 60’s on 6 all the time. I love to listen to all the oldies that I loves in high school!!

Now, my voice is nothing to brag about. I can’t carry a tune in a bucket. Hubby-dear has a nice voice and he’s started chiming in as we travel down the highways. Perhaps, he is trying to drown me out!!



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