Speaking Out for Louisiana Citizens

Speaking Out for Louisiana Citizens


Thomas Laveist, Dean of Tulane, stated “It’s not just the cities, its not just the rural towns, it’s not just the mid-sized towns, it’s everywhere in the state.” Nearly 57% of the 1,405 people who have lost their lives due to the corona virus in Louisiana are black, while black residents make up only 33% of the state’s population. As of last Tuesday, more than 52 out of every 100,000 black residents of the state have been killed by the virus, at 2.65% times higher than other races. In northwest Louisiana black residents are dying at 3.86% times the rate of other races. In Lake Charles it is 3.0% times the rate and in Lafayette it is running at 1.65% the rate. Public health officials stated that black residents are more likely to be poor, have difficulty accessing health care, and have more pre-existing conditions than other races. In addition, they are more likely to have jobs in the service industry and other sectors that put them at greater risk of infection. The problem shows to be even worse in Ascension Parish where black residents make up 23% of the population but 74% of the deaths are black. Black residents there are dying at 9 times the rate. Donaldsonville is a very bad area where nearly 75% of the residents living in the small city are black and nearly 49% live below the poverty lines. Public health experts say that the state can’t simply return to the status quo after the pandemic. (Source: The Advocate)


It has been suggested that a good economic plan to give America a little boost right now is to suspend payroll-tax deduction. President Trump has reiterated his support for it in a recent press briefing. This would reward work and production rather than growth of government. Republicans should rally around the idea as the centerpiece of their next economic revival plan.


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