October election qualifying begins today


Numerous incumbents and candidates for both Louisiana and Sabine Parish offices qualified on August 6, the first day of qualifying.


Having qualified, as of 3:32 p.m. today, are



Ralph Abraham, R

Oscar “Omar” Dantzler, D

John Bel Edwards, D

Patrick “Live Wire” Landry, R

“Eddie” Rispone, R


Lieutenant Governor

William “Billy” Nungesser, R


Secretary of State

Kyle Ardoin, R

“Gwen” Collins-Greenup, D


Attorney General

“Jeff” Landry, R



Derrick Edwards, D


Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry

Marguerite Green, D

Michael G. “Mike” Strain, R

Peter Williams, D


BESE District 4

Tony Davis, R


State Senator 31st District

“Louie” Bernard, R

Douglas Brown, R


State Representative 7th District

Lawrence “Larry” Bagley, R


State Representative 24th District

Willie Banks, Independent

“Greg” Lord, R

Rodney Schamerhorn, R



Chris Abrahams, Independent

“Frankie” Howard, R

Aaron Mitchell, R

“Ronny” Richardson, R


Clerk of Court

Shelly Salter, R


Tax Assessor

Ronald L. “Ronny” Bison, R

Carl Chance, D

Carroll Ellzey, D

“Chris” Tidwell, R

“Donnie” Wooley, Independent



“Ron” Rivers, D


Police Juror District 1

James Hickman, R

Thomas “Bo” Stewart, R


Police Juror District 2

“Mike” McCormic, R

Wiliam Kelly Stewart, R


Police Juror District 3

Charles “Charlie” Brown, R


Police Juror District 4

No candidates


Police Juror District 5

Georgann McNabb, R


Police Juror District 6

Eric Garcie, D


Police Juror District 7

Ricky “K-Wall” Sepulvado, R


Police Juror District 8

Kenneth M. Ebarb, D

Larry W. Rivers, R


Police Juror District 9

“Randy” Bird, R


School Board District 5

Genevieve A. Gordon, D


Village of Noble Police Chief

Robert Wayne “Bob” Grant, Independent


Alderman at Large town of Many

Marth Beth Key Brocato, D


Alderman village of Noble

No candidates

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