Speaking Out for Louisiana Citizens

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How many times have we heard our presidents and our political leaders state that we are a country of laws. We’re told we are to follow these laws. I could not believe my ears when I heard our House Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi state, on television, how to not comply with the law. ICE was arresting convicted illegal immigrants who were already tried in our courts and the order was to pick them up and send them back. Speaker Pelosi was speaking how she was unhappy that this was being done and she told them ways to prevent them being arrested, such as: don’t answer the door or hide if you see men like this coming up your sidewalk. Where are we going when our leaders want to “coach” illegal immigrants. How many times have we heard it stated by our political leaders that we are a nation of laws. It seems it only works when it supports their political interests. They want them to stay and eventually be their supporters.


If you don’t think drugs are a big business in the U.S., listen to this. The Coast Guard released a video the other day where a submarine was carrying 17,000 pounds of cocaine worth $569 million. The Coast Guard spotted and identified an aquatic vehicle and demanded it stop. About 17,000 pounds of cocaine was found inside along with five suspected smugglers. A self-propelled submergible vehicle, often called “norco-subs”, are sometimes used by cartels and drug traffickers to smuggle drugs across borders. This was one of 14 drug smuggling vessels intercepted off the coasts of Mexico, Central and South America by three Coast Guard cutters between May and July of this year. The drug business is big business and it appears to be getting bigger.



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