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Spring Cleaning? Ugh! My home always looked lived in. I enjoy living comfortably. I get nervous if I am in an immaculate home……I like relaxed living. Along with relaxed living comes a cobweb here in there, until I spot it and get rid of it. I try to clean the floors everyday…but if I forget, it’s not unusual if hubby grabs the dust mop and makes me feel bad. On my stairway, there is usually a book or two and clean sheets to carry upstairs. The first one to venture into the unknown usually takes the load! My kitchen is good. Every once in a while, I may have a cup or two in the sink. I try to never leave anything in the dish drainer!! Hubby is in training to load the dishwasher! My counters are littered with stuff… coffee-maker, a bread box, canisters, Mom’s huge cutting board with a ceramic rooster standing on top, two polka-dot little cups and my recipe stand. On the island, sits Mom’s big flour bin/sifter, another metal rooster and a decorative bowl with “this and that” in it. One of the best parts of my kitchen !


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