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Over the past three week, we learned that shingles were not just something you put on the roof of your home. The shingles is a painful break-out that results in a dreaded rash and blisters on the skin. Hubby-dear can attest to the fact that they are not fun. (And so can I, since I was nursing him at home!) Over the past weeks, I have watched more television that I care to talk about. Now, if we had been watching some of my favorites, I wouldn’t complain. But I felt sorry for my patient, so he gained control of the remote. I have just about learned all I want to know about Space X and Elon Musk. We watched Demo 1 for the Crew Dragon, developed by Space X, launch into space on March 2. Great, only it occurred at 1:49 a.m., so I had to get up and share the moment. “We watched it attach to the Space Station the next day and offload cargo. The purpose of the unmanned flight was to flight certify the Crew Dragon for human passage. Since the United States stopped using NASA’s Space Shuttle in 2011, the program has been relying on the Russians to take our astronauts to the Space Station.


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