Local sports fans take “Talking Trash” to new level

Talking Trash is a new sports show featuring both national, regional, and local coverage of various sports events. The team consists of, from left, Waylon Laroux, Josh Sepulvado, and Jeremy “J-Dawg” Leone. (Photo by Sabine Index/DJ)

By Daniel Jones, editor

A new, Facebook-based sports show titled “Talking Trash” is taking hold amongst local fans for its quick-fire blend of content featuring both local and national teams.

Waylon Laroux and Jeremy “J-Dawg” Leone, the two hosts, developed their banter over a friendship that developed when they were children.  It continued through their adult years and was sharpened and readied while both were employed at Weyerhaeuser in Zwolle.

They’ve both been sports fans for even longer.

“I’m a Cowboys fan,” Jeremy says.  “Waylon is a Saints fan, so we’ve had a lot of fun with that recently.  In other ways, we match up.  We’re both (Los Angeles) Lakers fans so that talk is usually a tad different.”

However, talk about the NFL and NBA is commonplace.  It’s the local sports coverage that sets them apart.

“I say on the show that nobody knows more about local sports than Jeremy,” Waylon says.  “I mean that.”

One glance at Jeremy’s Facebook account seems to confirm that idea.  He is a mainstay at all levels of local high school athletic competitions.  During the interview, he beamed at one upcoming game in particular.

“When we leave here, I’m headed to Pineville to see my son’s first junior high baseball game for Ebarb,” Jeremy says, proudly.  “I still hate that I’m missing the Zwolle/Negreet game”

He went on to clarify that he’ll always be a Zwolle Hawk in his heart, but his son just happens to be playing for Ebarb.

“He goes to Ebarb but knows I’m a Hawk,” Leone says.

There’s also a third member to the team, Joshua Sepulvado, Waylon’s brother-in-law.  He’s the man behind the scenes, handling the recording and editing duties.

Production value is extremely high, with sound on the show being crisp and easily understandable.  They also employ a green screen, which allows them to have the topic of the moment displayed for easy recognition.  In short, it looks like a news broadcast.

“When it comes down to it, Josh is the one that puts in the hours of work,” Jeremy says.  “Waylon and I just talk for a few minutes.”

Josh has had an interest in editing and producing video from a young age and provides something that other internet shows often lack:  an experienced and talented editor.

The show has received a great reception, having garnered a number of likes and views after only being in existence several months now.

“We never expected so many followers; not just from Sabine but from all over the world,” Leone said of the show’s progress.  “Our first show was just us having fun and look where we are now.”

Indeed, the future is so bright for this show that Waylon has to wear shades.

For those interested in viewing the show, Talking Trash is easily found at https://www.facebook.com/TalkingTrashSports.  The guys are easily messaged there or found at any number of local sporting events.

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