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As 2018 comes to an end and many people begin to make New Year’s resolutions, one resolution that consistently appears at the top of many lists is “quitting smoking.” Louisiana currently ranks 48 out of 50 states for tobacco use according to the recently released 2018 America’s Health Rankings® Report from the United Health Foundation. Presently, 23.1% of the state’s adult population lights up. According to the CDC, the number of adult smokers in the U.S. is now estimated at 14% (as of 2017). The state’s overall health ranking is now 50, one spot down from 49 in 2017.

“With existing and potential smokers now being convinced on a daily basis that ‘safer somehow equals safe’ when it comes to new, high-tech cessation tools, unfortunately, we will continue to see a steady rise of Louisiana citizens smoking at even higher rates,” said Mike Rogers, CEO, Smoking Cessation Trust Management Services. “To combat this challenge, the Trust continues to help people face their challenges by offering eligible smokers a variety of free products and services, as well as advocating for a rise in the age in which young people can purchase tobacco products to 21, to protect our youth from a lifetime of addiction to nicotine. These efforts are designed to help people kick (or never start) a nicotine addiction. To date, the Smoking Cessation Trust has enrolled more than 95,000 members with a goal of 200,000 by 2022.”

As 2019 approaches, the Smoking Cessation Trust encourages Louisiana smokers to ring in the New Year cigarette-free by following these five quit steps from the CDC:



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