Speaking Out for Louisiana Citizens

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Ever since Donald Trump took office he has had a special investigator closely looking at every facet of his life and he was supposed to prove Trump’s collusion with the Russians. It has been a year and a half and nothing has come out of it because it just didn’t happen, apparently. Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the Democrats are getting desperate for something. Even with all this negativity Donald Trump’s ratings are pretty good and certainly equal to Barack Obama at this stage. His base is holding steady. The Democrat’s hate and resentment of the President is so prevalent and they are desperate for negativity on Donald Trump. One big thing the Democrats have going is that they control the media - except for FOX. Any hint of negativity towards Trump, they play it up big time. It is my belief that the only way they can tear him down is to go after his base and put doubt in the Republicans’ minds. They are constantly saying, “We’re going to get him” or “We’re going to impeach him.” Congresswoman Maxine Waters of California goes bananas with rage when it comes to Trump. It might be working some, but not much. Sure the sex thing is terrible but this has happened before with some of the past presidents, i.e., Clinton or Kennedy. Besides, there were sex violations by some Congressmen also. They even set aside a fund for settlements. So far I have heard nothing that proves they are going to get him.



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