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Way back in 1977 Randy Newman sang a song called “Short People”. He sang that “Short people had no reason to live”!! I feel obligated to stand up for all of us short people. How short is short, anyway?? The lyrics of the song are lyrically constructed as a prejudiced attack on all of us shorties. If it were produced in this day and time, someone would be “offended.” (I’m not!) Newman sings about short-tempered little people with stubby little fingers and nasty little feet. Nobody loves this song like Dean Lambert and nobody loves to sing it like Mike Morris!! I know because they always point me and every other short person at Bayou Crawfish when Mikey starts to sing the song. I really don’t mind… .I’ve been short my entire life. Mother used to say, “If you are short, you can dance with the short boys and the tall boys!” Worked for me and I danced away with them all!! I am proud to be a short person. I graduated fourth in my high school class of 129. (We went by heighth and I was right there!) I know a lot of short people—Vicki, Zelma, Becky, Carolyn…really, there are lots of us walking around. And we are proud of it! (And Mikey, I hate to tell you this…but you are short, too!) My Grandmother was short and so was my mother. 


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