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By Pete Abington

At the stage of this edition of the paper, we know that decisions have been made with this election. It has been repeated many times as James Carville stated “It’s the economy, stupid..” If that is true, our Republican Congress and President’s policies should meet everyone’s favor. The economy has hardly ever been better than it is today and unemployment is lower than we would have ever dreamed. Black unemployment is low and we’ve had much regulation stopped. They are trying to control illegal immigration. Our nation is doing well. Finally, certainly our next move is to get our deficit down but income up is more than ever before in this nation and we should be able to deal with that soon. Nevertheless, social issues seem to be what is bothering people, according to the media.

Our country needs to take a look at the fact that politicians like Democrat Senator Maxine Waters could be in power do what she has said. She recently stated that if you see one of our national leaders out eating, go up and chew them out and ask them to leave the restaurant and similar things. Our former Attorney General, Eric Holder, said that if they hit low, kick them. Be more violent. We saw what a mess the Kavanagh hearings were. It was a disgrace. This could be what people in this country want and if so, so be it.


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