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By Donna Smith Ammons

It’s Hurricane Season and this year, it means a litte bit more to me. My youngest son, Paul and his wife, Lexie, are residents of Wilmington, North Carolina and as I write this, they are looking at a Category 4 hurricane headed right for them!! Momma is not happy and to say the least, my daughter-in-law is probably packing her suitcase!!

Lexie is not a fan of thunder storms, let alone hurricanes. She has been watching the weather for a week now and is not a happy camper, since they love only about five minutes from Wrightsville Beach. They are in a third-floor condo, which doesn’t help her feelings.

Lexie should have been a weatherwoman!! She faithfully watches the weather in times like these. She’s seen exactly what hurricanes can do, since she lived in Lafayette in south Louisiana. She’s weathered a few, but more often than not she has an escape plan, which will include Maggie (the dog) and the cats, Bernie and Binks. I hope she remembers Paul!!


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