Country star provides unforgettable proposal

Jared Terrell and Kelsey Funderburk embrace during their first dance as country music star Jerrod Neimann sings his hit "God Made a Woman."

By Daniel Jones, editor

Country music superstar Jerrod Neimann recently provided an almost unbelievable wedding proposal for local residents Jared Terrell and Kelsey Funderburk.

“I thought I was just going to a concert,” Funderburk explains.  “I had no idea I was going to leave knowing that I’ll be marrying the love of my life.”

A video posted to YouTube shows the couple on stage, when the singer lets out a surprising statement.

“Well, he (Jared) thought he’d bring you up here and ask a special question,” Neimann says.

The crowd erupts in cheers, and Terrell takes a knee before proposing.  Funderburk then provides a very enthusiastic “Yes!” before leaping into his arms, much to the delight of those in attendance.

The country music singer then goes a step further, offering them their first dance to his hit “God Made a Woman” while the eager crowd cheered them on.

The couple met when they were 12 due to their mothers working together.

“We stayed friends throughout the years,” Funderburk explains.  “Every time we’d end a relationship with someone else we’d start talking again, but never got serious.  Then, in March of 2016 we made our relationship official and have been together ever since.

Coming from a traditional family, Terrell asked his future wife’s father for permission to marry, and the duo agreed that the proposal should be “big and life changing.”

Kelsey’s father called radio station KRMD, and asked if the couple could go on stage with for the proposal.  They eagerly agreed.

“Jared and my daddy told me that we were going on stage because we won a special contest,” Funderburk said.  “When he played his tribute to Chris Ledoux, “Good Ride Cowboy,” we were to meet a security guard and go backstage.  Then the proposal happened It was all so unreal.”

No date has been set for the wedding, but gauging by the proposal, it will be quite the ceremony. 

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