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By Pete Abington

When you look at what all the fuss is about sanctuary cities it’s ridiculous. The law simply says that cities must comply with immigration requirements for federal grant programs, including mandates that state and local entities must allow federal immigration access to detention facilities and provide 48 hours notice before authorities release an illegal immigrant wanted by federal authorities. If the states comply they get the grants; if they do not, they get nothing. It’s like the ole Western movies when you have neutral ground and when no laws apply and opponents want no laws to apply and outlaws can live. You cannot do this in the U.S. They want illegal immigrants to live here and possibly do us harm and draw our financial support.

This is not much to ask anyone to do. If you want the money, you must comply. Yet we have cities and states that do not want to do this. Cities like Chicago are suing our nation wanting to have sanctuary cities. If any city needs money for safety, they sure do. In Maryland, some jurisdictions are talking about adding more localities to those that already allow undocumented immigrants to vote in local elections. It won’t be long before their demands are met and they are allowed to vote in federal elections. That is what the Democrats want. They know they need the votes of these illegal immigrants and they are working in that direction. Name a federal law that you could get away with breaking. The Chicago’s mayor’s law suit will probably reach the Supreme Court. We can be proud that the Trump Administration put Neil Gorsuch on the High Bench to protect us.


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