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by donna smith ammons

Thank you BUZZ JENKINS & BRETT COURTNEY!! Church was out by 11 a.m. last Sunday, but I didn’t get home until 12:30 p.m. I live less than three miles from First Methodist, but somehow I got tangled up with two men—Hubby-dear and Brett Courtney—talking about campers. I listened patiently for about 45 minutes as they ran wires for cameras, examined special hitches made for Brett’s Jeep and even started planning a trip before I announced I was headed home. As I neared the Exxon station on Martin Luther King Blvd. my gas light came on, so I decided to get some petro in my Traverse. Good decision, but bad luck luck! After putting some gas in the car, I replaced the nozzle and twisted on the cap. As I turned around to get in, I realized the door was shut….with the keys inside. Naturally, it had locked itself with me standing on the outside. Darn!

I knew Hubby-dear would be coming along shortly, so I positioned myself in the parking lot so I could monitor both San Antonio Ave. and MLK Drive. I waited and waited…even began counting cars that passed with friends waving!! Soon I was battling those darned love bugs, who seemed drawn to my white pants. I was up to about 75 cars that passed when Buzz Jenkins came up and asked if I was OK. I explained my dilemma and he ran to his vehicle, got his phone and had me contact Hubby-dear. While on the phone, Brett drove by and waved. After traveling a bit more, he turned around and came to see if I was OK. I knew that hubby-dear would be by shortly, since he and Brett had solved the problems on the world!


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