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By Donna Smith Ammons

Have you ever wondered why Hollywood continues to “remake” our favorite movies? Have people really run out of ideas?

Several weeks ago, I saw where they are making another “Dirty Dancing.” Really? How can you get better than Patrick Swayzee?? They’ve also remade “Annie” and several more.

There’s nothing better than watching an old Superman in black and white; or The Lone Ranger…and I don’t mean Johnny Depp.

I knew the movie industry was busy with remakes, but I hadn’t really kept up what was happening in the printing world. Where was Nancy Drew?

Since I am a reader, I am always interested in what books are suitable for the kids. Riley and Braeden visited this past week for Vacation Bible School.

Our first trip to Walmart was to pick up a ferw necessary items- --like Braeden’s favorite ice cream—Chocolate Chip Mint! Fruit— peaches, a pineapple, watermelon and of course, bananas.


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