Kaleb’s Krewe supports Sabine-centric Autism Awareness

Zwolle Elementary School Staff Tene Leach, Mona Leleux, Lanae Parrie, Shelly Post (Kaleb's Godmother), Nanette Ebarb, and Francis Martinez stand with young Kaleb Johnson.

Kaleb Johnson is the six-year-old son of Laiken and Justin Springer of Zwolle and Colby Johnson of Florien.  He is a kindergarten student at Zwolle Elementary and was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2016.  Since his diagnosis, his aunt Lindsey Rivers has created t-shirts as a way of supporting Kaleb and Autism Awareness in Sabine Parish. 

In April 2016, Kaleb’s Krewe was born and sold t-shirts raising close to $300 by accident.  The t-shirts were selling like hot cakes and the orders just kept coming. Kaleb’s family was so surprised with the overwhelming support and that there was an amount of money left after all the shirts were paid for.  At that time, Kaleb was in the PreK special needs classroom at Zwolle Elementary and because of the outstanding strides that Kaleb had made with Lanae Parrie and her staff, Kaleb’s family wanted to give something back.  That’s when his mother decided to donate any money raised to his special needs classroom at Zwolle Elementary School. 

In 2017, Kaleb’s Krewe was at it again raising $575 from t-shirt sales to donate in honor of Kaleb to his school.  Because of all of the support that Kaleb received this year and the awareness that he has been able to bring to Autism Awareness Month in his area, a local business in Zwolle agreed to help match the funds raised by Kaleb’s Krewe.  B and L Farm and Hardware, owned by Bo and Lisa Ezernack in Zwolle along with Kaleb’s grandparents, Caleb and Stacie Rivers, made equal donations so Kaleb’s Krewe was able to also donate $575 to the Sabine Parish Special Olympics.  Overall Kaleb’s Krewe raised and donated over $1,100 this year and will continue in the future to raise money every April to donate to Zwolle Schools and Sabine Parish Special Olympics.

Alden Tuttle is the 18-year-old son of Kimberly and Rick Tuttle.  He is a junior at Negreet High School and was diagnosed at a young age with Asperger’s Syndrome thus Alden’s Army was created in order for his family and friends to support him through wearing a t-shirt created by his mother every year.  Alden grew up in Michigan and his family recently moved to the Toledo Bend area to rejoin family.  Alden’s Army came together this year to raise $108 which was donated to the Sabine Parish Special Olympics in honor of his little cousin, Kaleb Johnson.

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