By Pete Abington

As we watch the confirmation hearings on t.v. this week, we need to keep things in the right perspective. Democrats want Democrats and they are going to brag on them and Republicans want Republicans and they are going to brag on each other, too. Another given is, they are not going to say anything nice about the other party’s nominee. I thought it was interesting that one comment was made concerning former Senator Arlen Specter. After he retired from the Senate he was asked if there ever any vote he really regretted taking and he stated, yes there was. He spoke against a very good friend of his, at one time, who was in another party when his name was brought up for a nomination. He did not mean it. It was like they held a meeting and took their roles and got after their negativity. They do not necessarily stand for the people or what is good for America, only if their political interests are served. Where are our statesmen? Perhaps this is why we voted for Trump, who was not favored. I can’t imagine any of these fine nominees will not be confirmed. We as Americans have got to realize that we must have leaders who will serve America and not themselves or special interests.


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