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by donna smith ammons The power of a squirt gun still amazes me. As a child, a small plastic squirt gun provided hours of entertainment. We’d have squirt gun fights…running and hiding and then attacking each  ther with streams of water. Sometimes. We’d be laughing so hard, we couldhardly talk.  Years went by and when my sons were young, we’d arm ourselves with squirt guns and have battles in the yard. I’ve even played with squirt guns with my grandchildren. It’s an easy way to pass an afternoon…especially when it is hot. Recently, I became the mother to a tiny kitten, Gibbs. He’s a cute little tabby, but he was raised in the wild and has become an attack cat. My arms look like I’ve been in a fight with a tiger. He leaps at me with  claws bared on all four paws and his tiny mouth wide open…with his teeth  glistening

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