by donna smith ammons


Back in high school, I was a member of the Future Nurse’s Club. I wonder what in the world I was thinking? I cried at the sight of needles and hated shots. I was a sickly child because of my asthma and had many absences each year in school. Me? A nurse? Ridiculous!!! Well for the past month, I have visited Sabine Medical Center’s emergency room more that I care to recall. First it was mother, when she lost her equilibrium and had to be hospitalized overnight for evaluation and observation. The next week, I hauled hubby-dear into the ER and discovered he had pneumonia. Fortunately he got to come home with meds. For almost two weeks, he was down with me administering medication and waiting on his hand and foot. If anyone dropped by they would have wondered who was sick…hubby-dear or me! I just stayed in my jammies, watched TV, read, wrote and rested. Nursing, I discovered, is hard work!!
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